Resources & Links

Kissidugu West African Drum and Dance Theater
A diverse and dynamic company of trained artists presenting the music, dance, and choreography of Fara Tolno.

The Rhythm Reference Project
This is, by far, the most comprehensive collection of recordings and notation ever compiled for West African drumming.
* 50 rhythms, many rhythms include an alternate version.
* Each part for each instrument is broken down into 20 second pieces.
* Very well organized.
* Designed for use with a computer or iPod.
* Downloadable, so you can have it almost instantly.
* Unsurpassed recording quality.
* A must for any djembe student or teacher.

One Tree Drums
If you’d like more information about purchasing drums or drum packages, we endorse One Tree Drums given the authenticity and quality of the instruments as well as One Tree Drums’ commitment to upholding fair trade practices and reforestation.