In-Service Programs


Drumming isn’t just for musicians!
Drumming is an amazing way to get your entire faculty excited and inspired about music and to bring them together as team. One of the most incredible things about drumming is the accessibilty to absolute beginners on their first try. We can walk into a room full of people who have never played a drum (or any other musical instrument for that matter) and have them PLAYING MUSIC TOGETHER within the first 45 minutes! We wouldn’t be able to back this up if we were Project Clarinet! Don’t let the fast learning curve fool you… it takes a lifetime of study to become virtuosic.

Project Drum has worked with the faculties in dozens of schools around Colorado and seen the results. Let us custom tailor a program to knock the socks off the faculty and administration at your next In-Service. Inspirational speakers can’t hold a candle to the feeling of making music with your friends and colleagues